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American Royalty

This entry is a part of a series. To clearly understand the material below in context, you may wish to begin at the beginning with the introduction to the series. The standard American Narrative insists that the founders of our … Continue reading

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Teddy and the Tree Huggers

The hunt [in Mississippi in 1902] had been scheduled as a 10-day excursion, but [President Theodore] Roosevelt was impatient. “I must see a live bear the first day,” he told Collier [his guide]. He didn’t. But the next morning, Collier’s … Continue reading

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Huddled Masses in the Melting Pot

This blog entry is part of an ongoing series. You can best understand the material below by reading it in full context, starting with the first entry of the series, No Room in the Inn. Israel Zangwill was a popular … Continue reading

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