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Sharin’ the Pride

In the recent verbal national battles over the propriety of “flying the Rebel Flag,” one message comes through loud and clear from most of its proponents—“I just fly the flag to share with the world my Pride in my Heritage!” … Continue reading

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Straight Talk from the Founding Fathers…of the Confederacy

I recently read the following comments in a post on a friend’s Facebook page, related to the topic of the modern display of the Civil War Northern Virginia Battle Flag and what it symbolizes. FB post February 2016 “People think … Continue reading

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Heal Our Land

I am just utterly unable to understand people who want to…in the name of “patriotism”… whitewash—or totally hide from their own eyes and the eyes of others—the long history of periodic widespread brutality and injustice…and indifference…inflicted on the weak by … Continue reading

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Rally, Boys, Rally…

It was an exciting day for Scarlett O’Hara. She was attending the gala event of the season, a picnic at the elegant Twelve Oaks plantation in Georgia owned by Ashley Wilkes. Widely considered the most exciting and attractive young single … Continue reading

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