DocuCommentary: “The Best of Times”

Announcing a Grand Opening!  The Meet MythAmerica Youtube Channel is now open for business. While I enjoy writing for my blogs and websites, you really can’t beat multimedia for the best experience in communication. This Youtube Channel will be featuring short video productions I call DocuCommentaries.

A documentary is typically a collection of facts, information, and documentation on a specific topic, presented in a basically “neutral” way that leaves the reader or viewer totally alone to draw any conclusions they care to from the material.

A commentary is typically a dissertation in which an author or speaker offers their own personal perspective and opinions on a specific topic.

In these Meet MythAmerica DocuCommentaries, I will be presenting facts, information, and documentation—including many, many fascinating photos!—condensed and summarized from research I have done on a specific topic. But I will also include the reasoning that led me from these research results to my own personal perspective and opinion on aspects of the topic.

The viewer is, of course, perfectly free to agree or disagree in their own mind with my conclusions. But at least they will be able to do that, if they so choose, based on more than just gut reactions prompted by some unsubstantiated preconceived notions they may have had before viewing the DocuCommentary. My goal in both writing and speaking has never been to try to force people to “see things my way.” My goal has instead just been to clearly share the historical and logical foundation for my perspectives, to help others in the process of developing their own informed opinions.

The pilot DocuCommentary on the Meet MythAmerica Youtube Channel explores the current phenomenon of many Americans feeling the best way to take the U.S. forward to a better future—is to attempt to somehow return it back to the conditions of an era in the past that they consider to have been the heyday of “American Greatness.”

Click the PLAY button on the screen below to view “The Best of Times.” Be sure to click on the “full screen” icon at the bottom right of the video box to view a much larger image. While watching full screen, you may press your escape key at any time to get back to the smaller version on this page.

If you find this video interesting, please share it with your friends on Facebook and elsewhere! At the TOP RIGHT of the screen, is a “curved arrow.” Clicking on that will allow you to easily share on Facebook!

More DocuCommentaries, on a wide variety of topics, are already in various stages of production, and will be added to the new channel in coming months.




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