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“On the Trail of a Major Story”: Docu-Commentary

A new Docu-Commentary video is now available on the Meet MythAmerica Youtube channel. If you find it interesting, PLEASE SHARE THE LINK with your friends! Description:  Major Ridge played a major role in a major episode in our American Saga. … Continue reading

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Brain Pain–Part 4: Imminent and Inevitable

This blog entry is fourth in a series documenting the application of the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance to a variety of issues throughout American History. See the introductory entry “Dealing with Dissonance”  for a detailed overview explaining the background and basics of … Continue reading

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“No Room in the Inn” : DocuCommentary

A new video DocuCommentary is available on my Meet MythAmerica  Youtube channel. Attempting to severely limit immigration to America is a hot-button issue in the political debates of the 21st century. Yet the plaque on the Statue of Liberty has … Continue reading

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Taming the Wild West

No, it wasn’t really the six-gun wielded by law men like Wyatt Earp who tamed the wild west. It was trays wielded by the Girls in Big White Aprons. Huh?? Read this entry from Meet MythAmerica’s sister blog, Ameripics,  to find … Continue reading

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