Labor Day’s Roots: In Pullman Hell

This post is being written during America’s “Labor Day Weekend.” If you live in another country, you may assume that YOU may not know much about America’s Labor Day, but that American’s surely know where the holiday came from. Your assumption would be wrong.

I am convinced most American’s are clueless about when and why such a holiday was established. I certainly was until I did the research for the blog entry linked below from my Ameriquotes blog. So whether you are American or not, welcome to the seldom-heard “backstory.”

The Birth of Labor Day: Rooted In Pullman Hell

You’ll find out who Pullman was, why he had his own personal Hell, and how it is related to our cheery modern holiday…which is mostly celebrated in the 21st century by going to WalMart and other stores for Labor Day Specials, and then going home to have a final outdoor barbecue for the season.

laborday1915 Chicago

Labor Day Parade, 1915, Chicago    10,000 garment workers marched in this parade

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