Great American Road Trip: DocuCommentary

My newest Meet MythAmerica Youtube DocuCommentary is titled “Great American Road Trip.”

The very first coast-to-coast cross-country auto trip in America was accomplished in 1903 by a hardy and intrepid traveler named Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson. After Dr. Horatio proved it could be done, Americans rushed to embrace the Road Trip as part of the guaranteed promise of American Freedom!

This “Great American Road Trip” DocuCommentary introduces Jackson and his adventure, and then traces the history of that uniquely American “Out on the Open Road” experience of freedom through the twentieth century. The video is part fun pop culture nostalgic reminiscing, part solid American cultural history lesson, and part invitation to introspection.  You are invited to pack your virtual suitcase and join the caravan as we head out to Get Our Kicks on Route 66.

(Once you press the Play button below, click on the “full screen” icon at the bottom of the video screen to get a better view of the pictures. )


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