Westboro Baptist Church: A WWR Snapshot

Field Guide to the WILD WORLD OF RELIGION I haven’t added to my religion research website for some time now, as the aging software got unwieldy. So today I decided to begin posting semi-regularly new short entries on the related blog, here on WordPress, instead, which is super easy to update.
It will be information not covered on the website. I expect most will be in the form of the type of brief “snapshot” of groups, gurus, movements and ideas that can be seen in this first new entry, which is about the Westboro Baptist Church wacko outfit.
They are due to show up and picket several churches in Gainseville FL on February 3, before heading up that same day to picket at the Superbowl in Atlanta. Most people know little or nothing about the group except how hellishly obnoxious they are. This article will clarify how they got that way. Click the link below to see this new material.
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