Special Reports

The regular content of the Meet MythAmerica blog is an ongoing, chronological collection of entries that each build on the entry before and lead to the following entry. The topics will vary widely over time.

However, I have several collections of blog entries that are completed overviews of a specific topic area in US history. These are being compiled and re-issued as “Special Reports,” each with its own mini-blog site, that can be read separately as sequential sets. They will be listed in the “BLOGROLL” on the righthand side of the blog page.

Each is an overview of a part of American history that I knew little about until doing recent research. I’ve been astonished at how ignorant I’ve been about many very significant aspects of the FULL American story. And I’m betting many of my readers are equally in the dark on many of these topics.

To understand “how we got where we are” in our American Present, and be equipped to be part of making wise choices for our American Future, I am convinced every American NEEDS to know these stories. I invite you to join me as we de-myth-tify our Past.


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