Part 2: “Straight Shootin’ Info”: The History of US Gun Rights/Gun Control

Part Two of my video DocuCommentary series titled Straight Shootin’ Info: The History of US Gun Rights/Gun Control is now available on Youtube.

Its title is Collision Course: 2nd Amendment, the First 2 Centuries & The NRA, the Second Century.  I presented this video yesterday at a local discussion group I attend. It was received with great enthusiasm and led to a very intense discussion session.

My daughter informed me afterwards that she is convinced this video (as well as Part 1… and hopefully, Part 3 coming up!)   is the most important and most effective of all the material I’ve created over the years. The series explores the historical tension between Gun Rights and Gun Control in the United States from Colonial times right up to today.

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“Straight Shootin’ Info”: The History of US Gun Rights/Gun Control

I am currently producing a 3-Part video series of DocuCommentaries on the History and current affairs related to the Second Amendment and the extreme tension in America between gun rights and gun control.
Series Title:
 “Straight Shootin’ Info”: The History of US Gun Rights/Gun Control  

Part 1 of the series is now available on Youtube, at the link below. I presented this video recently at a discussion group I attend. It was extremely well-received and spawned a very lively discussion. I believe this is potentially the most valuable of any material I’ve created in recent years. Obviously it is extremely timely.


Pam Dewey


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The “Happy Birthday” World’s Fair,” 1876

The “Happy Birthday” World’s Fair: The Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876

This is Episode 3 in “WORLDS FAIRS EXPOSEed,” my DocuCommentary video series.  It explores the background, implementation, and a behind-the-scenes look at the fair held in celebration of the Centennial of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, held in Philadelphia in 1876.

Some of the material in the video makes reference to contents of the first and second episodes in the series. If you have not yet seen Episode 1, “Fair Enough: The Great Exhibition, London, 1851” and/or “Yankee Doodle Palace: The New York World’s Fair, 1853-1854” you can watch them on Youtube at the following addresses:



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Yankee Doodle Palace: The first American World’s Fair, New York, 1853

Episode 2 in WORLDS FAIRS EXPOSEed, (a DocuCommentary video series I create and narrate which focuses primarily on the World’s Fairs held in the United States since 1853) is now available on my Meet MythAmerica Youtube channel. You can watch it on this page in a small version, or, once you press the play button here, click on the word Youtube at the bottom right of the video screen, which will take you to the large version, or the full screen version, on Youtube.

This Episode explores the background, implementation, and aftermath of the fair held at the American Crystal Palace in New York City in 1853/1854.


Some of the material in the video makes reference to contents of the first, introductory episode in the series. If you have not yet seen Episode 1, “Fair Enough: The Great Exhibition, London, 1851” you can watch it on Youtube at the following address:


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I have been immersed for a couple of years now in creating what I call DocuCommentary videos for my Meet MythAmerica Youtube Channel. Most of the subjects I research for these videos are a bit gloomy… the Cherokee Trail of Tears, Civil Rights, the administration of Donald Trump, and so on. Since early this year I have been working simultaneously on research and writing for two even darker subjects, the history of Anti-Semitism (in the world and in the US up to the present) and the history of the gun rights movement in the US. At one point last month, this all overwhelmed me to the point of depression, and I decided to take a break, put the topics on the shelf for a few weeks, and create some “fun” videos for myself for a while.
I have had a hobby for the past 20 years of doing research and writing about the American  World’s Fairs of the past two centuries. I have gathered a small library of books and videos on the topic, along with an archive on my harddrive of millions of words and thousands of photos from the Internet on the topic. So I have now begun turning the results of my research into videos about the fairs. Just this week, I presented the first video of the series to a discussion group my husband and daughter and I meet with here in our home area. It was very enthusiastically received and led to a lively discussion of almost an hour. So I thought some of the followers on this blog might find it of interest also.   Below is a link to the video on my Youtube channel, with a description of the series below the title.
Title:  “Fair Enough: Traveling through time to the Great Exhibition in London,1851”
This is the introductory video in a DocuCommentary series created and narrated by Pam Dewey that covers the history of U.S. World’s Fairs of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The title of the series is “WORLD’S FAIRS EXPOSed.” Each video will first provide an informative and entertaining overview of a specific fair from the point of view of the visitors of the era. And then it will explore behind the scenes, to consider how the fair both reflected…and AFFECTED…the social, cultural, economic, political, and philosophical aspects of the America of its time. And what long-lasting influence it may have even had on the future of the country, clear up to the 21st century.
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Westboro Baptist Church: A WWR Snapshot

Field Guide to the WILD WORLD OF RELIGION I haven’t added to my religion research website for some time now, as the aging software got unwieldy. So today I decided to begin posting semi-regularly new short entries on the related blog, here on WordPress, instead, which is super easy to update.
It will be information not covered on the website. I expect most will be in the form of the type of brief “snapshot” of groups, gurus, movements and ideas that can be seen in this first new entry, which is about the Westboro Baptist Church wacko outfit.
They are due to show up and picket several churches in Gainseville FL on February 3, before heading up that same day to picket at the Superbowl in Atlanta. Most people know little or nothing about the group except how hellishly obnoxious they are. This article will clarify how they got that way. Click the link below to see this new material.
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…With Liberty’s Tears for All

I have a new stand-alone DocuCommentary up on my Youtube channel now. (It is not part of the Strange Brew series…that series will be continued soon.)
I showed this video yesterday at a discussion group I  attend every week.  It was VERY enthusiastically received, and led to a lively hour-long discussion.
If Meet MythAmerica viewers should happen to want to share it with their friends, I suggest cutting and pasting the description below, and the link, into an email or social media post of your own to pass on.

With Liberty’s Tears for All: A closer look at the history of the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Many Americans embroiled in the recent debate over standing for the National Anthem to honor the US flag have no idea that a related, but even more acrimonious, debate raged in the United States 75 years ago. Questions regarding “flag respect” and the importance of preserving civic rituals of patriotism in our culture are nothing new. And the answers that were promoted by some people in that earlier era are extremely relevant to the debate today.

This DocuCommentary by Pam Dewey explores the background leading to a dark time in our American narrative.

Be sure to click on the icon in the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the screen below to watch the video in full-screen mode.



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